June 7, 2011

238 Days (Or, While I Bore You With Cloth Diapering Talk)

238 days and counting. I have another appointment with my OB/Gyn on the 20th, should find out about the sperm bank and possibly start checking the donors out. My best friend and I went out for dinner this past Friday and had an exciting discussion about what I would look for in a donor (intelligence, no allergies, and colouring similar to mine are my top 3!) while sitting in a booth at Boston Pizza. I whipped out the old trusty iPhone (gawd I hate mac anything but gawd I love that phone!!) and we started checking out the profiles for donors on one of the main Canadian banks. No, I'm not giving you the name. We had a ridiculous amount of fun going through the profiles. I have asked her if she will be my second when the time comes to start...her response made me think I'd given her the BFF-equivalent of the best orgasm ever. It was pretty awesome.

I've officially ordered my first run of Cloth Diapers. I got a Bummis Newborn package with 12 NB size organic cotton Pre-Folds (PF's) and 2 NB sized Super Brite Bummis covers (these rated HIGH in all of my considerable research!)...on sale! I also bought this nifty introductory package from Mother Ease for just under $20 (including shipping/taxes) that consists of one NB fitted, one NB MEAF cover and a liner, all of which would cost over $25 separately. And OMG the cover is seriously the cutest thing EVAH:

Seriously, isn't that ADORABLE??? I'm planning to eventually have at least 4 of these covers, which can be used with both the fitteds and the PF's, and the myriad of patterns practically has me jumping up and down with excitement. I'm not sure that any other covers are as cute as the MEAF's! 

On an unrelated note, my niece is at the Stollery and is a very sick little girl. The specialists are leaning towards a Dx of Celiac disease and my sister is sick with a Mother's guilt (unwarranted, but if it were me I'd probably be feeling the same!). We will find out the results tomorrow. On a happy note, I've spent the last 2 days taking care of my other niece (they are twins) and having some really great bonding time.

Well, that's about all the time I have - it's almost 11 and I am back to work tomorrow (ugg). More on that later....

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